Sunday, 20 November 2011

Nicola Luke

 Nicola Luke:
An Etsy Seller that I Adore

Her name is Nicola Luke and her UK based Etsy Shop is Called "Fabric Fancies: Candy Shop" and it is a feast for the eyes.  Nicola creates delectable handmade felt desserts, foods, miniature treasures and ornaments. Can you imagine a playful tea party for two tots decorated with these delicacies?   I discovered her delightful shop when I was looking for "faux" dessert props for photographing my products.  I promptly contacted her to create an array of custom felt desserts for my various decoration lines. These exquisite flawlessly sewn by hand cakes, cupcakes tartlets and jelly rolls are what dreams are made of.  She even created a most elegant two tier felt wedding cake for the display of my Wedding Cake Toppers.  If you'd like to make these fancies yourself she does sell her patterns and a gorgeous selection of felt squares in the yummiest of colours.  I can't wait to place my next order which will surely include a felt Yoda and Darth Vader Ornament for Will's Christmas tree.
Bon Appetit!